Art changes everything

We can all agree that the quality of public space has a direct impact on our lives and the way we feel. Public art has the power to bring variety, energy and life to our public spaces and helps people form a sense that the place they live in is unique.

We are passionate about creating a community in our developments, which means not only the site itself but the clever and unique treatment of the public spaces within the project. We try to incorporate it in most of our developments so we can help shape the vision and outcome.

'Art speaks where words are unable to explain'  - Threadless Artist Mathiole

'Matriarch Matilda' - Face of Bennett Springs

Artist: Pavel Perina | Inspired by the wife of explorer and pioneer of the area, Matilda Bennett is now celebrated for her role as a mother having bore 13 children over 30 years. The artwork is an abstract image of her face made of a series of 250 individual anodised triangles. The design and detail adds a modern, edgy feel to this historic tribute on the apartment building facade.

Urban Screen

'Stand of Tall Trees' - Urban Screens

Artist: Meyer Shircore | An 'Urban Forest' exists in the heart of Wembley. These perforated metal screens are arranged over the built-form like a mural of trees branching toward the sky providing screening from the elements in an artistic way. The end result is tall, majestic and natural.

'A&D' - Transformations Analogue & Digital

Artist: Simon Gauntlett | Historically the site was used as the Government Printing Office using analogue based processes. The artwork encapsulates the transformation from analogue to digital in material, form and context. The result is an edgy, dynamic piece that stimulates a dialogue of old and new. The perfect balance.


'Ombrae' - Sculpting 3D Pixels

Artist: Simon Gauntlett | The image references the circular motif from the historical architecture of St Josephs church. The dynamic and interactive qualities of the surface and the sunlight reflecting off the piece create an exciting sensory appreciation of the unique design. A striking addition to the building.


'Illumina' - Live Subi's full colour lifestyle

Artist: Rick Vermey | The imagery inspired by the history of the site is layered within the sandwich of transparent coloured films and glass sheets with the result being a feast of vivid hues of the colour spectrum. We are sure you will agree that the result infuses vibrancy and creativity whilst creating a sense of community in the space.

One70 Art

'Kangaroo Paw' - Digital Printed Screen

Artist: Natalie Ryan | The objective for the artwork of this local Government office building was to incorporate the beauty of Western Australia in the facade. This kangaroo paw watermark illustration stretches across the face of the perforated aluminium screen creating a striking effect in both day and night with the light shining through adding another dimension to the design.