Our business is structured with three divisions: QUBE Capital, QUBE Project Sales and QUBE Property Group.


QUBE Property Group Pty Ltd develops and manages all of our QUBE projects.

We make it a point to know our customers and invite them to contribute to their development. We make sure they know exactly who they can contact and hold accountable throughout the entire process. Finding and seizing the right opportunities means finding the perfect balance of innovation and reliable returns. We're always transparent about time and budget, even if things don't go as planned. We'e smaller, so we're more accountable. Smaller means more freedom, more innovation, more care and more flexibility. All of this means smarter decisions. We know our capabilities and use our size as an opportunity to truly innovate and get sizeable results.


QUBE Capital Pty Ltd holds an Australian Financial Services Licence with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission and is the capital and fund raising arm of the business.

We launched QUBE, a proudly Western Australian owned company, in 1995. The world has seen incredible innovations in technology, finance, building and much more since then. We have adapted along the way and are proud that most of our initial investors are still investing in new projects with us today.

We make sure our investors enjoy the QUBE experience. We deliver what we promise in terms of project outcomes with minimal demands on their time.

Every investment is personal to us. Our team is committed to every project from beginning to end, and then beyond that. All our projects are carefully assessed and selected by our experienced acquisitions team before being presented to our investors. In fact, all of our projects are co-funded by our own QUBE management and staff.

We value the faith our investors put in us to protect and grow their investment. This means we follow the most stringent assessment guidelines before introducing a new project. We're always transparent about the benefits of a project and make sure our investors are aware of the risks.


QUBE Project Sales Pty Ltd is the real estate agency division of QUBE.

QUBE Project Sales is a registered member of the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA). This means we're licensed to sell, lease and manage real estate in Western Australia. We work exclusively on projects developed and/or managed by QUBE Property Group unless external agencies are appointed.