About QUBE

Built to be recommended.

As a proudly Western Australian company, we build more than land, apartment and commercial property developments. We’re committed to building a brighter future.

We build long-term relationships.

Our business has been built on the strength of our relationships with customers, communities, industry partners and each other. We see handover as the beginning of a relationship, rather than the end, which influences what we make and how we sell it. We build relationships with our customers over a lifetime, well beyond the work we do today. 

We build trust and respect.

Our professional, considered approach to every project makes us easy to recommend. We use new approaches to finance, relationships, built form and communities to create inspiration in unexpected ways.

We build to achieve the highest standards.

Backed by decades of experience and success, our developments are built to stand the test of time. Our business size, structure and vision mean we can adapt to changing market conditions and consumer needs, while delivering large-scale projects efficiently.

We're personally invested in every project we do, so we really care about what we do. Our time, money and reputation are everything to us, so we deliver only the best service, attention to detail and project quality.

Learn about our peopleour divisions and exactly what our commitment to sustainability means.

Commercial Developments Perth

Past Projects

We build it to last. We build it to work, to be innovative and to be admired.

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Our business is structured with three divisions: QUBE Capital, QUBE Project Sales and QUBE Property Group.

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Every one of our projects marks an investment of our time, our money and our reputation.

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Public Art

Art has the ability to inspire, create energy and stimulate the senses. We agree...


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Doing business with integrity and respect is the only way we operate.

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First Home Buyers

Buying and Building Made Easy

Making buying land easy. All the resources you need to get you started. We're here to help!

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There's much more to being "sustainable" than meets the eye...

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Community Support

At QUBE, we're known for building communities but our work doesn't stop there.

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