Art in Property

It is a well-known fact that the quality of public space has a direct impact on our lives and the way we feel. Art has the power to bring variety, energy and life to our public spaces and helps people form a sense that the place they live in- is unique. We are passionate about creating communities in our developments, which means not only the site itself but the clever and unique treatment of the public spaces within the project. Our aim is to incorporate art in most of our developments as another element to assist in shaping the vision and outcome.  

Pioneer arrives in Bennett Springs 
The artworks displayed on the side of the Springs Apartment development are designed by Artist Pavel Perina, and inspired by the wife of explorer and pioneer of the area – Matilda Bennett. She is now celebrated for her role as a mother having bore 13 children over 30 years. The abstract image of her face is made of a series of 250 individual anodised triangles and the second piece is a series of teardropshaped links representing the pioneer’s life and the lives of her children.

Dare to be different 
More recently we have incorporated art into our signage at our new upcoming estate in Mandogalup. With four large sea-containers stacked on top of each other this sign had a blank canvas of approximately 95sqm. The brief was to incorporate a bold, youthful, modern image with nature and build the natural elements of the site into the art. Working closely with local Perth street artist, Sarah McCloskey, we landed on the striking image of a woman’s face with the native leaves and flowers growing through her hair. Sarah battled the elements over 2 weeks and painted the piece entirely with aerosols. The end result is incredible and definitely eye-catching with many positive comments flowing through the community. It can be seen heading northbound into Perth from the Kwinana Freeway just after Anketell Road.