Building and supporting the community

At QUBE, we're known for building communities but our work doesn't stop there. We support a range of not-for-profit organisations, projects and causes across the fields of health, community well-being, education, youth, sport, indigenous, environment and the arts.

We are proud to support and partner with a number of worthy causes including World Vision Australia, the Starlight Foundation, Ronald McDonald House Perth and Autism West.

Donations and sponsorships

We receive a lot of requests for support.

If you have a project, cause or event you think we should know about, please write to us at least three months in advance. We hope you understand that (because of the number of requests we receive) we can't take phone calls or follow up calls about donation requests.

Please get in touch with us in writing by following the steps below. Once we have received your request, we'll do our best to respond in writing within 30 days to let you know whether we're able to help.

Please write to us, on official letterhead, and let us know:

  • Full name of your organisation
  • Your name and title
  • Your postal address, email address and phone number
  • Your organisation's legal structure, ABN and tax concessions (if any) your organisation has been endorsed to access
  • A brief summary of your organisation and its role in the community

Please also answer these questions in your donation request:

  • Who in the community will benefit from your project, cause or event?
  • What is the project, cause or event you're asking us to support?
  • Which of our QUBE support areas does your project cause or event fit (i.e. health, community wellbeing, education, our youth, sport, the indigenous, environment and the arts)?
  • What are the positive outcomes you expect to achieve?
  • What evidence do you have to show how these outcomes will be achieved?
  • How and on what timeframe will these outcomes be communicated to QUBE?
  • How much funding (in dollars) is being sought and over what timeframe?
  • Is the project, cause or event something in which QUBE staff can potentially participate? If so, please tell us more.
  • How will the funds be applied (specifically identify main capital and/or operational items)?
  • Does your organisation have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status?
  • In what geographic regions will your project, cause or event occur?
  • When is the project, cause or event being held?
  • When you need to know the outcome of your request?
  • Why are you seeking support from QUBE?
  • Have you already gained support from others?
  • Who else are you seeking support from for this project, cause or event?

Once you have written your request with all of the details above, please post it to:

QUBE Property Group Pty Ltd
PO Box 8298
Subiaco East WA 6008

You can also email the details to